Zoo Antwerpen

Restauration and rehabilitation of Zone Z




Public, cultural building , landscape


Koningin Astridplein 26 2018 Antwerpen



Year of construction

19th century

Original design

C. Servais, E. Thielens



Koninklijke Maatschappij voor Dierenkunde van Antwerpen

Project team

Main contract: ELD Partnership (new buildings, techniques, stability) Sub contract: Fondu Landscape Architecture (landscape) Origin Architecture & Engineering (restoration)


THV Denys-Decomo-Building





The demand for the reorganisation of Zone Z is a consequence of the changed zoo legislation and the related acquisition of new premises by the KMDA.

This zoo legislation sets out the required surface area for each animal, which resulted in a need for expansion. The KMDA's specific request to the team of architects ( new construction, restoration and landscape) was the design of new larger animal enclosures, the integration of a restaurant and a new buffalo stable within the historical parkscape, and the restoration of the five existing historical buildings.


Antwerp Zoo is very proud of its heritage. After all, the Zoo is one of the oldest and most authentic zoos in Europe. 

The restoration of the historical animal pavilions is a specific matter. The vision on animal keeping has changed drastically, which is why some buildings had to be provided with more interior comfort. The Rhino building was treated as in this way: a high-performance new interior, as a stable area for various types of birds, combined with a valorisation of its historical appearance. The Egyptian Temple received a thorough restoration, including inside the restoration of the mosaic floor in the accessible, central visitors' area and outside the restoration and consolidation of the wall paintings.


The Bovine building has received an exterior restoration, in which the original formal language of the 20th-century façade was valorised and partially reconstructed. Finally, the Lama building is part of the restoration and renovation campaign of Zone Z. Since the interior will serve as storage space, only the exterior of this building was restored, bringing back the original colour scheme of the exotic style.


Team members

Voormalige medewerkers

Charlotte Loosen

Previous collaborator


Barbara Pecheur


Architect and Master "Monumenten- en Landschapszorg" (Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen)


Philippe Lemineur


Architect and Master "Conservation" (Centre Raymond Lemaire, Louvain)

Chloe Raemdonck

Chloe Raemdonck

Previous collaborator

An Li Yap

An Li Yap

Previous collaborator

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